Monday, April 19, 2010

Ultraviolet (UK/1998)

Today I take a brief look at Ultraviolet, a UK 6-episode series from 1998/99. It revolves around a government-funded paramilitary police unit, which may have connections to the Roman Catholic Church. They're fighting a secret war against a worldwide vampire conspiracy. The main character, Detective Sergeant Michael Colefield (Jack Davenport of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies) is a police detective who encounters agents of this organization after his partner and best friend Jack (Stephen Moyer of True Blood fame) disappears.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Denn die Toten reiten schnell

As I've been looking into vampires on television, I've discovered a lot of great episodes; beyond our beloved, often short-lived series, there are a number of stand-alone episodes from non-vampire series that are pretty good. And, as expected, there are even more that are very, very bad.

It's my plan to explore the hidden gems that are globally available on sites such as Youtube, so we can all share in some really great television. Heck, I may even blog about the bad ones. There will also be a number of polls to vote on, as I'm really interested in what others prefer within the realm of television vampires.

So stop by often, I hope to take an interesting journey with all of you...