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Retailers may order directly from the publisher, By Light Unseen Media. For terms and shipping information, call 978 / 433-8866, visit http://bylightunseenmedia.com/undeadtv.htm, or contact sales@bylightunseenmedia.com.

Libraries, schools and non-profit organizations may order directly from By Light Unseen Media using purchase orders. Brodart will fulfill orders through the publisher, or you may order through Ingram. If you have any questions about ordering, please call 978 / 433-8866, contact the publisher at sales@bylightunseenmedia.com, or visit http://bylightunseenmedia.com/undeadtv.htm

Your favourite independent bookstore can order Un-Dead TV on request from Ingram, or direct from the publisher.

New! An autographed, personalized paperback copy may be ordered directly from the author. Just select the shipping destination, and indicate to whom you'd like the book personalized (if applicable). Then click on the Buy Now button to pay safely and securely through PayPal

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(For most destinations in Canada and the USA, the book will arrive in approximately 7-10 days. For Europe, surface shipping is approximately 4-6 weeks, while via air is approximately 6-10 days.)

Please note that due to the personalized nature of this purchase, returns will not be accepted.
Any questions? Contact the author, Brad Middleton.

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Thursday, December 01, 2016