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Foreword by J. Gordon Melton


About This Book

Monsters of the Week: Single Episodes

  • Individual occurrences of vampire characters in series that do not regularly feature them.

Vampires Among Us: The Series
  • Series and miniseries that regularly feature vampires.

Prominent Bite: Telefilms and Pilots
  • Made-for-TV movies, and pilot presentations that are not considered part of a series.

Drawn to Vampires: Animation
  • Lists all cartoon and anime programming where vampires are found.

Myths and Truths: Documentaries and Reality TV
  • Factual programming and unscripted television series that feature the undead.

Artistic Endeavors: Variety Programming and TV Specials
  • Talk shows; sketch comedy; television specials; children’s programming.

What’s in a Name? Non-Traditional Vampires
  • Energy drainers, succubi, and other vampire-like creatures (from all categories).

Take a Breather: No Vampires Here! 
  • Catch-all collection of productions thought to feature vampires which do not.

Non-English Programming
  • The vampire myth is universal; these productions come from several foreign countries.

A Trivial Pursuit
  • Interesting facts and statistics compiled during the research and review phase.

Appendices and Index

Appendix 1: Sources Consulted

Appendix 2: Country Acronym Legend

Appendix 3: Adaptations of Classic Literature and Popular Fiction

Appendix 4: Top Rated Productions

Appendix 5: Lowest Rated Productions

Appendix 6: Yearly Breakdown

Appendix 7: Web Series

Index of Main Program Titles

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