Friday, September 11, 2015

The Walker of the Snow

My current phase of research for The Great Fright North involves tales of the Windigo, which is now often written as wendigo. This cannibalistic creature, of Algonquian legend, has taken on many forms including that of a demon, devil, or a supernatural spirit that possesses human beings. (It has since become a popular monster menace in films and on television.)

Many early writings are collected in John Robert Colombo's excellent Windigo: An Anthology of Fact and Fantastic Fiction (1982), which covers three centuries of works from the 1630s-1970s. Long out of print, this tome is a preeminent work on the subject.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Fan Expo 2015

Fan Expo 2015 has ended. The Horror Writers Association had an amazing run this year; we engaged lots of horror fans, talked about writing and other aspects of the craft, and our members participated in no less than eight panels! A record for us, which we'll try to top next year.