Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Supernatural in Contemporary Society Conference

The Supernatural in Contemporary Society Conference (SCSC) aims to explore the continuing role of the supernatural. SCSC intends to provide an interdisciplinary forum to discuss current and emerging research, and examine these in relation to the impact and value this has on culture, heritage and tourism. In addition, industry professionals are invited to discuss current and emerging issues. The conference will take place on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 August 2018.

Conference on Folk Belief and The Supernatural in Literature and Film

Svaneti, Georgia
This conference considers the themes of folk belief, legends & vernacular religion, and the supernatural in literature and film, combining academic presentations with explorations of communities in Georgia’s Svaneti and Tbilisi regions. Special emphasis will be given to the question of the role that ‘place’ plays in the conceptions of the supernatural: from folk narratives to local religious traditions; from the monsters, fairies, and witches of cinema to the miraculous in literature. Could these tales and customs occur just about anywhere? Or do they take place in the just the place they need to be?