Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Frazetta You Didn't Know About: A Portfolio

Captain George's Comic World was published by Memory Lane Publications, which was run by 'Captain' George Henderson out of his comic store, Memory Lane, in Toronto. In the late 1960s and into the 70s, Henderson's "Vast Whizzbang Organization" produced this and several other nostalgia publications, including Penny Dreadful, The New Captain George's Whizzbang, and Captain George Presents--which was the second incarnation of Comic World.

This particular issue of Comic World, "The Frazetta You Didn't Know About," was published c. 1969 and features some of Frank Frazetta's early pin-up artwork. Ranging from sultry to sexy, this stunning art is far removed from the fantasy work he's most famous for.

Printed in black and white on newsprint, this 30-page portfolio features work that I believe was from the early 1960s. Although I have not been able to uncover the source, these were likely all published in men's magazines. Here are some of my favourites, which are all a snapshot of that era:

Comic World primarily reprinted old comic pages and newspaper strips, such as Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Joe Palooka, and stories from Fawcett. Henderson never received permission to reprint this material, and was later sued for it, eventually ceasing publication of this particular magazine. Some issues were dedicated to showcasing artwork from the likes of pulp artists Virgil Finlay, Alex Raymond, and Windsor McCay. He also published a second Frazetta portfolio in issue #38 of Captain George Presents. 

Henderson's other publications sometimes featured monster movies and other horrors. The Great Fright North includes a biography of George Henderson, as well as a detailed summary of all the publications produced by his Vast Whizzbang Organization.


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