Wednesday, December 04, 2019

New Book Alert: Drafts of Dracula

Here's a new book for fans of Dracula that has just been released digitally on Kindle, and will be published in both paperback and hardcover in time for Christmas. Drafts of Dracula, edited and annotated by Robert Eighteen-Bisang and Elizabeth Miller, builds upon their groundbreaking work in Bram Stoker's Notes for Dracula (McFarland, 2008). This new book updates their previous work while adding new insights and research.

Eighteen-Bisang is an authority on vampires and Dracula, and owns the world's largest collection of vampire literature. Miller, too, is a renowned Dracula scholar, and both have contributed several works to this field of study.

As Dacre Stoker notes in his foreword: Robert Eighteen-Bisang and Elizabeth Miller have done it again! In 2008, they presented a groundbreaking transcription of Bram Stoker’s working notes for Dracula to delighted scholars and fans all over the world. Drafts of Dracula renders their research as a gift that keeps on giving. A decade’s worth of scholarship combined with recent discoveries by the Stoker estate and the London Library have allowed Eighteen-Bisang and Miller to continue their efforts to outline “the birth of Dracula in the mind of Bram Stoker” (as Raymond T. McNally and Radu Florescu put it).

The Kindle version can be purchased here: Drafts of Dracula Kindle Edition

Table of Contents:
  • Bram Stoker’s Original Foundation Notes & Data for His “Dracula”
  • I. Handwritten Notes on the Plot
    • Draft 1: Vampire
    • Draft 2: Early Cast of Characters
    • Letters
    • Draft 3: Historiae Personae
    • Centuries 2—19
    • Vampires’ Powers
    • Draft 4: Books I—IV
    • Draft 5: Books I—III
    • Draft 6: Revised Cast of Characters
    • Draft 7: Book I: Chapters 1—27
    • Chapters 17—27
    • October 1—3
    • Draft 8: Books III—Chapters 27
    • Train Schedules
    • Draft 9: Calendar of Events
    • Memo Drac.
    • Dracula: Chapter 26
    • Chapter 27
  • II. Handwritten Research Notes
    • Transylvanian Superstitions
    • The Dimetry
    • Details of Wrecks at Whitby
    • A Glossary of Words Used in the Neighbourhood of Whitby by F. K. Robinson
    • Memo: Three Old Fishermen
    • Whitby 11/8/90
    • Grey Day
    • Whitby Cliff 9 p.m.
    • Memo: 15/10/90
    • The Book of Were-Wolves by S. Baring-Gould
    • Miscellaneous References
    • Necromancy by Sir T. Browne
    • Vampires in New England
    • Memo by Sir William Thornley Stoker (13-10-90)
  • III. Typed Research Notes
    • Magyarland
    • The Golden Chersonese
    • Round About the Carpathians
    • On the Track of the Crescent
    • Theory of Dreams
    • Transylvania
    • Wallachia and Moldavia
    • Tombstones: Whitby Churchyard on Cliff
    • Draft 10: “Dracula’s Guest”
    • Draft 11: The Un-Dead (Typescript)
    • Draft 12: Dracula: or The Un-Dead (Play)
    • Conclusion: The Myth of Dracula
  • IV. Appendices
    • 1. A Bram Stoker Timeline
    • 2. The Lost Journal of Bram Stoker
    • 3. Rosenbach Page Numbers
    • 4. The London Library
    • 5. The Argosy’s Dracula
    • 6. Dracula: The Novel We Could Have Read
    • 7. Early Swedish and Icelandic Adaptations of Dracula
    • 8: Is There No End?
  • Index: Bram Stoker
  • Works Cited

Amazing stuff! Looking forward to delving into this book. Be sure to treat yourself, or any vampires you know, to this amazing new work by Robert Eighteen-Bisang and Elizabeth Miller!


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