Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Chauve-Souris watch by Swatch

It's interesting what occasionally shows up on Kijiji, such as this Chauve-Souris watch by Swatch, which was manufactured in 1999--and (I believe) only sold in Europe. Designed by American illustrator & cartoonist Ward Sutton, the watch originally retailed for about £52. I bought it used for considerably less--and the fact that it actually still works is a bonus!

The face of the Chauve-Souris (which is French for Bat) features a friendly-looking vampire standing under the pale light of the moon--and his shadow, along with the hour and minute hands, glow in the dark! What else could you want from a cool-looking vampire watch?

Well, how about an even cooler-looking case to display it in?

The watch band is a pale, royal blue, with white bats on one strap, and black bats on the other. Although it looks a little small by today's design standards, it's unisex, so I'll be showing it off at fan conventions (such as the upcoming Toronto ComiCon). Here are a few more shots:

This was part of an amazing set of special Halloween-themed watches produced by Swatch in 1998-99, all of which--now that I know of their existence--I may have to hunt down in order to complete my collection! The following photos are courtesy of, which show some of the other watches that were part of this set. These are very hard to come by, so if you find one, let me know!

"Chauve-Souris II" (GB190) 1999
(Yes, the watch band is dripping blood!)
"Geisterstund" (GB192) 1999
(Love all the kooky ghosts on the band.)

"Happy Nightmare" (GN906) 1998

(I dig the watch band, but the face...meh.)


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