Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Inside EERIE 125 (October 1981)

In an effort to downsize, I decided it was time to clear out some of my collections (there are too many!). This round, I've chosen to sell off a number of vintage horror magazines. 

As I go through each one, I thought--as a pop culture nut--it was worthwhile to preserve the various ads that appeared in these magazines. Although I don't recall mailing away for anything in my youth, there were many opportunities to get anything your heart desired: from Star Wars, Superman, Mego toys--you name it.


Here are the ad pages that appeared in EERIE 125 published in October, 1981. This issue was devoted to the legendary Neal Adams.

Battlestar Galactica model kits

Contents for this issue

The Empire Strikes Back action figures

Star Wars large size action figures

Oldtime radio LPs

Superman movie tie-ins

More OTR LPs and ESB novels

Large size Mego superheroes plus monster makeup!

8mm monster home movies

Jigsaw puzzles and sci-fi robots

New ESB action figures and playsets

Art books featuring Neal Adams, John Buscema and John Byrne

Biotron! Zodor! Zoark! (Micronauts)

More Superman tie-ins plus vampires!

Art portfolios by Berni Wrightson and Neal Adams

Star Wars tie-ins (I want them all!)

Yes! Some fine horror paperbacks

Hulk model, plus the order form

More art books

Back cover ad. I'd totally have rocked this look at The Disco


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