Thursday, October 02, 2014

Dark Shadows: The Original Series Story Digest

Most of us would like to forget Tim Burton's Dark Shadows adaption, however, what should be remembered is its tie-in book of sorts. Dark Shadows: The Original Series Story Digest is a quirky, colourful book from Hermes Press that reprints the first graphic novelization of the series: "The Interrupted Voyage."

This was a one-shot illustrated novelette published by Gold Key in June, 1970. Since the original is one of the rarest collectibles from the TV series, this reprint may be the only way that most of us can gain access to the story.

Hermes Press

Although it's not strictly canon, "The Interrupted Voyage" finds Angelique Bouchard casting Barnabas Collins back to 17th century Salem, where he faces off against an evil witch named Calandra.

Divided into 24 short chapters, the story was written by Donald J. Arneson, who also wrote several issues of Gold Key's original Dark Shadows comic book series (1969-76). It features 39 illustrations by Joe Certa, who also illustrated the entire Dark Shadows comic book run.

The artwork in the original publication had minimal colouring, which was either purple or green. As you can see below, the reproductions have been digitally enhanced, using a broader palette.

Original (
Reproduction (Hermes Press)
What really sold me on this book is the supplemental image gallery, which features some great cast photos, as well as rare candid snapshots--including the one below from 1968, which shows Jonathan Frid, as Barnabas, on a Christmas shopping spree as part of an ABC-TV publicity stunt.

Hermes Press

Dark Shadows: The Original Series Story Digest is still available on Amazon, as are other reprints from Hermes Press (including several volumes of the original comic book series). Definitely a must-have for fans of the original series!

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